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How do I access my old Hotmail account?

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You know that Hotmail has been merged with the Outlook email account and now you get great features with Outlook. But that does not mean that you cannot access your Hotmail account. You can still access your Hotmail account. So, this means that you can access old Hotmail account when Microsoft moved it to Outlook email account.


Steps to access old Hotmail account

  1. You can follow below steps to access your old Hotmail account:
  2. First you need to open Outlook email account and after that enter the Hotmail email address and password into the fields there.
  3. If it does not access then you need to upgrade Hotmail account with the steps given on your screen.
  4. After that you need to give a profile name and after that you need to enter the mobile number and click the Continue button.
  5. Next you need to fill in the details for both SMTP and IMAP mail servers and then move to next.
  6. Then you need to click the add button to the add Hotmail email address and then click the SSL mail server.
  7. Next you need to enter the password into the respective fields to complete the process.
  8. This is how you can access your old Hotmail account.

Hotmail customer support number

Hotmail is now Outlook and it is a a technical platform also showing up some technical problems from time to time. You may find these issues simple or complicated but in both the cases you need support from the expert. So you can get Hotmail support via email, live chat or on the support page of Microsoft. But if you want to talk to Hotmail support person on phone then you can dial Hotmail support number and ask for the help required.

Hotmail customer service number

Hotmail is a great email platform by Microsoft. People recognize it as as a huge brand name and popularity in the market. It commands the user base of millions in the world. This is the reason why it also offers best Hotmail customer service to all the users of Hotmail in any part of the world who needs to get any issue related to Hotmail resolved. You can get Hotmail customer service for 24X7 and for 365 days. For this you can dial Hotmail customer service number.


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