Hotmail Password Recovery Number

How Do I Handle the Account Login Problem in Hotmail

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If your account login credentials are getting rejected, again and again, you are strictly suggested to reset the account password. However, the quickest way to recover a lost password in Hotmail is the use of Microsoft Account Recovery Tool. In this regard, you should either able to answer a set of questions, or receive the recovery code via recovery phone number, or receive the recovery code via recovery email. When you cannot sign in to your Hotmail account, the first thing you need to do is to click on the [Can't access your account?] link and then the selection of [I forgot my password] is recommended. After you come with both the steps, you will have to run the recovery tool. The Microsoft Account Recovery Tool won’t be working if your login duration crossed the boundary of a year. Obviously, the chance is almost to zero.

How do I deal with this problem if the password reset isn’t the appropriate solution?

Resetting password won't fix a Hotmail account login problem all the times. Click [I didn’t get a code] if you are not getting the temporary password. You can solve your account login problem by resetting the login ID but this won't work all the times. If not, you should go for the suitable option from the listed ones. Ask for help to Hotmail Customer Service if you have a problem in identifying the proper option.

  1. You can’t get a security code
  2. You have turned on two-step verification
  3. Getting a message as you can’t recognize your Hotmail account
  4. Your profile picture is temporarily blocked
  5. You are accessing the email account on a new device

What are the easy ways to change a Hotmail account password?

So as to change your Hotmail account password, you first need to sign in to your Hotmail account. In the next step, you are instructed by Hotmail Technical Support Number to click on your [Profile Image]. It will bring the [Account Settings] on your screen. Your job is to click on this option. For going forward, you are also suggested to select the [Security and Password]. This step may prompt you to verify the account. After you verify your account, click on [Change Password]. It will open the chance of entering a new password. However, a different way is there that is easy to accomplish. The second yet the most effective way to change the account password is to dial Hotmail Toll-Free Number, the universal helpline number. A single dial will connect you to the technical support department.


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