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Hotmail account is the common webmail clients used by millions around the world. The user account has all the email features of that of a modern day email service and also the emails can be accessed across various other email clients. At times it happen that user account is blocked due to certain security reasons or the account is hacked. In these scenarios it will be almost impossible for the user to login to the account and user needs to recover the blocked account. There to unblock an email account and in this article we will discuss one of the steps.

If the user don’t have access to alternate email address or registered phone number then the verification process becomes difficult. User need to then follow some other process where code is not used. Let us try the steps here in this article and if the issue is not resolve with it then better contact the support team over Hotmail technical support number.

Here are the steps unblock Hotmail account without using code –
 As the next page appears enter the Hotmail login address and enter the CAPTCHA digits. Click ‘Next’ to move further.

 Next the option appears for alternate phone number or email address. Click on the option ‘I don’t use these anymore’.

In case user has the recovery code they can enter that in the next page or else click ‘No’.
The recovery process now switches to an offline mode and user need to again provide the email address to the account trying to gain access. Click ‘Next’ to move further.

In the information page that appears next enter the relevant details entered at the time of account registration which include date of birth, location, security questions, subject line of any email, name of folders in the account, recently contacted email address, etc.

Finally click on ‘Submit’ button.
All the inputs are verified and then user is given access to the password reset page.
Not able to unblock the Hotmail account? Contact the Hotmail experts over Hotmail customer care number. Remote help is provided that is best suited for the recovery of the account.


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  • Deanna Miller
  • 01-Jan-1970
  • Hello. I'm literally keeping my fingers crossed in hopes someone can help me regain access to one/both of my hotmail accounts. I can correctly answer security questions, provide relevant details, and/or anything else necessary to verify my identity. ***I can only recall portions of some passwords related to these accounts. ***The alternate email addresses linked to these accounts no longer exist. ***I switched my cell phone service provider in 2013 resulting in a new phone number. Accessing one/both of my accounts would allow me to retrieve old family photos not located anywhere else. Please help me regain access to my hotmail account(s). Thank you for your help, and have a wonderful day! :-)