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Hotmail is an extremely popular email service. This has gotten many users to install this popular application on their phones as well. And the question that is the most asked in this regard by the users is this - How do I sync my hotmail email to my phone? So just head down below and follow the steps that are mentioned below to successfully sync your Hotmail account to your phone.

  • Open the Hotmail application on your phone.
  • Once the app opens up, select the “email” client on it.
  • Press on the tab “menu” and choose the option “add account” to add an account to the Hotmail application on your phone.
  • Next, you need to enter your Hotmail address and its password.
  • Next, instead of automatic setup, select the option “manual setup” for configuring your account manually.
  • Thereafter you would get a prompt asking you as to what type of account would you be creating. Select the option “exchange” when so asked.
  • In the Domain or the  user name box/ field, enter your full Hotmail address. However please take notice if the field box only asks for domain, for it should be  left blank then. Only if it says username would you have to enter your full Hotmail address.
  • Next type in the password.
  • In the server name, the name that has to be typed is – Do ensure that it is typed in correctly otherwise the configuration would have to be corrected again.
  • Thereafter ensure that the check box for the option which states that “secure connection (SSL) has to be used” is checked.
  • Next, for syncing purposes you would have to configure many options like inbox checking frequency, the number of days upon which synchronization will be carried out or the time and date gap after which the calender or contacts or other aspects of your Hotmail email account will be synced.
  • Click on Next and your account has been set up successfully and you can begin using it immediately.

If you are unable to send emails, it is advisable to call on the Hotmail help center number or hotmail helpline number. They are expert professionals and will help in resolving your problems within the shortest time frame.

How to do the correct hotmail pop3 configuration

  • Next if you wish to configure your Hotmail according to the POP3 settings, then follow the steps mentioned below to correctly configure so.
  • The first step would be to select manual setup when asked between this and automatic setup.
  •  Next in the POP3 server address field for Hotmail, enter the following –
  •  The user name would be your full Hotmail address.
  •  Next enter your account password.
  •  In the Hotmail POP3 port, enter the following figure – 995.
  •  Next for the TSL or SSL encryption requirement, select the option yes.
  •  Follow the further steps that would be displayed and your account would be successfully configured according to the POP3 settings.

For this you can dial hotmail helpline Number

How to do the correct hotmail smtp configuration

The smtp setting for your Hotmail account is mentioned below:

  • The Hotmail smtp server would be
  • The username would be  the full Hotmail address of the user.
  •  Next your password for the account would be entered.
  • The SMTP port that would be set is 587.
  • Next for the TSL or SSL encryption requirement, select the option yes.

Thus your smtp setting have been successfully configured.

How to configure the Imap setting for hotmail

Next the Hotmail IMAP settings would be mentioned below-

  • The server address would be
  • The port value would be set out to 993.
  • The encrypted connection would be SSL.

Usually the Hotmail account is set up on the IMAP settings. For IMAP settings are what enable syncing of your account among your different devices.

However if you are still facing problems in any particular aspect of using Hotmail,the best recommended course of action is to contact the Hotmail account and technical support service.


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